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Windows Microsoft announced during the build conference, and Steve Sinofsky reiterated in a blog posting that: "For the web to move forward and for consumers to get the most out of touch-first browsing, the Metro style browser in Windows 8 is as HTML5-only as possible, and plug-in free. The experience that plug-ins provide today is not a good match with Metro style browsing and the modern HTML5 web." Sinfosky goes on explain why Microsoft will not include Flash and why it's no longer needed. It's as close as we'll get to an obituary for Flash. Update from Thom: Added a note in the 'read more'!
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by kragil on Thu 15th Sep 2011 08:21 UTC
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Thom, have you actually used a browser with flash support on WebOS or Android for a longer period of time? On my Android the occasional video works just fine. I don't encounter much flash though. I don't hunt for flash sites to see if the work or not, but when something is only available in flash is has so far _always_ worked. I don't see anoying ads and it certainly does not drain my battery.

I want a open and royalty free web probably more than the next guy, but Flash on Android isn't as bad as Steve has made you believe.

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by tessmonsta on Thu 15th Sep 2011 13:53 in reply to "Question:"
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Seconded. I've streamed several hours of video from Amazon Prime to my Touchpad, and I found the performance at times better than my cr48.

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by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 15th Sep 2011 14:06 in reply to "Question:"
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Yeah, well it sucks on my Samsung Captivate. Maybe they put all their tweaks into webos? Or maybe running flash through a pseudo JVM isn't the best idea in the world?

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by computrius on Sat 17th Sep 2011 00:10 in reply to "Question:"
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These are just the cookie cutter reasons for why people say flash sucks. If you ask for evidence, there really is none.

Its similar to why "linux is awsome" and why "windows sucks". The people who say this are generally just repeating what they read or what someone told them. They dont really know if its true or why.

Its just that right now, the big "in" thing is to hate flash and push the newest buzz word instead.

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