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Windows The client version of Windows isn't the only one getting overhauled. It's a little less sexy, but Windows Server 8 is every bit as different from its predecessors as the Windows 8 client. Server Core (Windows Server running without the graphical user interface) is the, uh, core now, and everything is done using PowerShell - either directly, or through the new Metro-style Server Manager which is a layer on top of PowerShell. The buzzword here is cloud - not the big one, but those smaller ones on intranets.
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Is It Just Me...
by jackeebleu on Thu 15th Sep 2011 10:35 UTC
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Or does it seem like in the past few months, the majority of Thom's articles refer to Ars as his source. All his research, all his news about OS's comes from Ars. If I wanted to know what Ars thinks, I'd read Ars. Do the work Thom, your site is called OSnews. learn about the OS. AnandTech, yeah, Anand learned about tech and reports on it. You've become an editorial blog in the past year more so than a vehicle for OSnews. Or is it just me?

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RE: Is It Just Me...
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 15th Sep 2011 10:49 in reply to "Is It Just Me..."
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We can do that too.

When we have their budget. When I don't have a full-time job running my company in order to, you know, not starve.

I will refer to another article when I don't have the expertise, or when they have people actually using said products or when they are on the show floor with far better insight. Or, when I simply don't have the time.

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RE: Is It Just Me...
by MollyC on Thu 15th Sep 2011 20:11 in reply to "Is It Just Me..."
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OSNews isn't a huge operation like Arstechnica. I look at OSNews as an aggregator of news from other sources, and a place to discuss said aggregated news - that's enough for the site to live up to the "OSNews" name. I don't expect original research or original reportage here.

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