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Windows This is mandatory listening and watching material for understanding the design methodology and ideas behind the Metro interface in Windows 8 (and thus, Windows Phone 7). All this sounds great in theory, and Jensen Harris, one of the minds behind Metro, is clearly passionate about it - and I love people who are passionate about their work. It's just that to me, the Metro UI doesn't seem to work very well for actual work. I want window management! I'm taking all this into account for an article on Metro in the Developer Preview. Stay tuned.
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It's not just my opinion, there is hard science behind my reasoning.

Hard science that is by now almost 20 years old. The people I'm talking about would barely have been born at that point in time.

If you give someone something and keep telling them "this is easy, anyone can do it!" and they find out through repeated trial and error it ISN'T easy, they think they are either stupid for not getting it or that everyone is lying to them.

This isn't a computer problem, it's a teaching problem.

It isn't because they are stupid, it's because they aren't designed right.

Or maybe they did not receive the appropriate training.

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So I'm someone who has a computer to watch netflix, send an occasional email or post on facebook, and maybe write a paper or touchup a photo.

Your saying I need training? If computers frustrate me it is because of a lack of teaching? Like it or not we are talking about a consumer device being used by a consumer - the fact that it can also do a hell of a lot more doesn't change the fact that many people don't use it that way.

If you keep building things the way computer users like them well guess what, the only people that will buy them are computer users... If iPads were designed the way most geeks said they wanted them it would have failed horribly - that is simply fact.

Let me be clear, I'm not on a holy mission to dumb down computers or anything like that, far from it. I just think that the idea of making them more accessible to a wider audience is not only the right thing to do, but it will help the industry in the long run.

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Why do computers need to become simple? Tablets can do everything a consumer wants, I don't see why computers have to become dumbed down too. The whole point of having a PC is that you *can* do more complex tasks than with a tablet.

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