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Linux "Many Linux distributions have taken the path of easy GUI-based installation, in order to appeal to a broader mix of users. But not Arch Linux, which emphasises simplicity of technical complexity over general usability. Richard Hillesley explains."
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Portage is quite good IMO. I think there was a distro that was using NetBSD's pkgsrc...

There're several such distros in fact, all of them Slackware based: Dracolinux, Voltalinux, Blackmouse... It's a real killer combo. I've tried Arch and Gentoo (portage depends on python, WTF?! If I wanted YUM (quite decent actually) I know where to get it.) but none comes close to that. Source Mage seems promising.

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portage depends on python, WTF?!

Yeah, it's not as if it's, I dunno, written in it.

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>> portage depends on python, WTF?!
> Yeah, it's not as if it's, I dunno, written in it.

Yeah, well, it's not as if python and all exciting pyfoo packages, I dunno, didn't take about 1/4 of the space required for a fairly complete NetBSD X-less install (or Slackware, while we are at it) at the time. Oh, and portage was advertised as written in python and bash. Turned out there was very little bashing involved. Mighty fine, but that's definitely not my Favourite Package Manager. Been naive, I guess.

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