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Windows In the article on Windows 8, I already mentioned that in order to demonstrate the viability of Metro for something other than Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft should come up with a Metro interface for Microsoft Office - one that doesn't leave out 90% of Office's features. Well, Microsoft has hinted that they are, indeed, working on Metro Office. In addition, it turns out Microsoft isn't entirely sure to how to address the issue if legacy applications on ARM.
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RE: Perhaps I was a bit harsh
by Alfman on Sun 18th Sep 2011 03:18 UTC in reply to "Perhaps I was a bit harsh"
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I don't know why metro sympathizers (many who've never even tried it), keep coming back to "afraid of change" and "it DOES NOT LOOK LIKE WIN95!"? These statements attack the critic, but don't address the criticisms.

A single application interface could work very well for many people who don't use a computer for more than one task at a time...that includes my own parents. However the metro interface shown here is unnecessarily confusing and difficult to use on it's own terms. This has nothing to do with "win95", though there are a number of compatibility issues metro introduced quite unnecessarily. It's a garbage implementation of a potentially good idea.

Edit: Maybe they will fix metro based on all the negative feedback they get, however there is a lot not to like about metro as it stands. Maybe they won't fix it and just try to force it onto all of us instead. With microsoft, this isn't unheard of.

I find that functionally, but not aesthetically, metro seems to be a very distance descendant of the old DOSShell, which had the ability to switch between full screen dos programs (text and graphic) in much the same way metro does.

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