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Windows In the article on Windows 8, I already mentioned that in order to demonstrate the viability of Metro for something other than Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft should come up with a Metro interface for Microsoft Office - one that doesn't leave out 90% of Office's features. Well, Microsoft has hinted that they are, indeed, working on Metro Office. In addition, it turns out Microsoft isn't entirely sure to how to address the issue if legacy applications on ARM.
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How can you be so sure? Any computer user, including grannies, who isn't a total idiot, will know how to use Windows, from XP to 7, or OS X.
As it has already been said, if you can't use such simple interfaces, you have no business using a computer.

Sales of laptop computers (easily the largest category of computers sold today) are declining, while sales of the iPad are increasing. I think it's reasonable to conclude that sales of iPads (and smartphones) are eating into laptop sales. The market is speaking. IDC, Gartner, and everybody else echoes these sentiments. Microsoft is responding.

But what matters most, time will tell and users will vote with their wallet.


My money is on Windows 8 doing worse than Vista, regarding sales.

I disagree. Vista didn't really offer much value over XP. The interface was pretty much the same, and it created some glaring performance issues. Windows 8 is a different animal altogether. The interface has been completely revamped, it's a new programming model, there's a Store ecosystem developing, and thus ... this won' be your father's version of Windows. I believe that the market will respond favorably.

This will be also a great opportunity for OS X, if only Apple had somebody in charge who was visionary enough to bring Macs to the masses, by making prices more affordable.

Disagree. OSX is mired in old school desktop thinking. It's not going to build significantly more market share, other than the iPad and iPhone.

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