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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ever since Honeycomb's release, Android has had two versions out in the wild (well, if you disregard the non-current versions, that is). The next major Android release, Ice Cream Sandwich, is supposed to fix this problem by having one single version of Android for both phones and tablets. Google now has a blog post up which presents some options for developers to prepare their applications for Ice Cream Sandwich.
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Non Installable Apps
by shotsman on Wed 21st Sep 2011 16:14 UTC
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Android is a failure as far as I'm concerned.
To get rid of things like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook etc I have to root the device.
That is enough to make me mark it 'Must do better'. I'd like to think that with Ice Cream Sandwitch, google will make everything user uninstallable that is not crucial to the basic operation of the device. The question is, will they? Somehow I doubt it.

I have a HTC Sensation and I'm getting rid of it and going back to my trusty old 6310. If there were issues with calls on the iPhone 4 then this sucker must be an awful lot worse.
So endeth my brief foray into the smartphone world.
- Apps you can't delete
- Incoming calls you can't hear.

Yes, I am one of those few people who don't use any Social networking sites. I did once (At the behest of my kids) and after my id was stolen, I refuse to do so again.

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RE: Non Installable Apps
by fran on Wed 21st Sep 2011 17:30 in reply to "Non Installable Apps"
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Like you i'm not interested in social apps but my experience with Android is great.
I have installed/uninstalled a lot of apps over time and it never posed a problem for me.

I mainly use the Kindle app and Opera mini in which i've build a nice collection of bookmarks i browse before i dowse off.

Sometime i use the native browser as well which is pretty good. I've used the GPS function also a few times and the pc software for sms/mms and contact syncing. Syncing it to my wifi was also a breeze.

So yeah i love my Android phone. Guess different strokes.

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jabbotts Member since:

If your phone is coming with social media apps you can't remove without rooting the device, you need to take that up with the device manufacturer; they still have control over what software is bundled and what they dicide the customer wants.

Now, if we get to the point where vendors are shipping devices with stock Anroid installs instead of one-off customized crapware bundles then I'll be right beside you yelling at Google's receptionist.

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anevilyak Member since:

The issue in the OP's case is that the apps in question are installed on the OS partition. As a security measure, Android mounts the system partition read-only, with a separate read/write one for apps. As a consequence, the apps which live on said system partition can't be removed. (Note that poor choice of partitioning scheme is why some android phones also have lackluster amounts of storage available for app installation).

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