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In the News "Meg Whitman, eBay's former chief executive, will likely be named to lead Hewlett-Packard after markets close on Thursday, according to a person familiar with board decisions. The decision to replace Leo Apotheker, the company's chief executive, after only 11 months on the job is all but made, lacking only a final vote, said the person, who is not authorized to speak for the board. While Mr. Apotheker is going, his strategy, including consideration of spinning off H.P.'s personal computer business from other parts of the company, will remain in place."
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No longer relevant to consumers
by whartung on Thu 22nd Sep 2011 22:39 UTC
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HP will no longer be relevant to consumers, save for their Ink business, since Ink is all margin.

All of their others efforts are going toward "The Enterprise". Get out of the commodity, low margin, support intensive crap and focus on big sales of big things and the ever important, undefinable, "Services".

The entire board is an Enterprise person or someone who HP apparently owes money to (i.e. equity firms). There's one long term science guy, and I bet he leaves.

HP isn't an engineering company any more, it's a services company with a legacy hardware business that nobody on the board or the CEO understands.

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... umm, HP is the largest manufacturer of consumer PC's.

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That may well be true

But for how long?

This indecision by HP over their PC biz and with Business Purchasing dropping off at an alarming rate plus the domestic purse strings being tightened as well who will want to buy their kit?

Mind you, the last two points apply to other PC makers but at the moment, HP is a 'sell'.

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