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Windows The story about how secure boot for Windows 8, part of UEFI, will hinder the use of non-signed binaries and operating systems, like Linux, has registered at Redmond as well. The company posted about it on the Building Windows 8 blog - but didn't take any of the worries away. In fact, Red Hat's Matthew Garrett, who originally broke this story, has some more information - worst of which is that Red Hat has received confirmation from hardware vendors that some of them will not allow you to disable secure boot.
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by Flatland_Spider on Sat 24th Sep 2011 00:51 UTC
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What are we going to do?

We could start buying boards that are Coreboot compatible, and then move on to demanding, and buying, open hardware.

You know, the same thing we do for alt OS advocacy.

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RE: OpenHardware
by Icaria on Sat 24th Sep 2011 06:49 in reply to "OpenHardware"
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Good plan. Tell you what, you get started on that and the other 99.9% of consumers will continue buying the cheapest PCs in a box, will continue taking them back to the store when they get a virus and a small percentage will try an Ubuntu Live CD, assume it's broken when it won't boot, write an angry rant on UF and go back to using Win8 on their Win8-only machine.

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RE[2]: OpenHardware
by Flatland_Spider on Mon 26th Sep 2011 17:11 in reply to "RE: OpenHardware"
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OMG, you just wrecked my little world! It's all crumbling down around me! Everything's been a lie!

HaHaHaHaHa! Not really. ;)

Oh, quit being a downer. Of course that's what's going to happen. People don't actually care about technology, they don't care about alternative Operating Systems, and they don't care that McDonald's food is awful. Even, I like McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, so I understand the appeal of middle of the road, no hassles options.

I care about being able to use my hardware the way I want to, and you should too, you're posting (probably trolling really) on a website dedicated alternative Operating Systems after all.

It's people that say something can't happen that keep things from happening. I'm not talking about unicorns and Leprechauns; I'm talking about real progress in public opinion and policies. We like to sit on our ass and complain and hope some one takes pity on us and dumps everything we want in our laps, but that's not how things work. We have to advocate on our own behalf, and we have to create out own opportunities while supporting those that those that support us in order to have the future we want. We can make the world a better place. We just have to, you know, start.

In conclusion, whatever, FO! I've had enough moping about. I'm going to influence my little sphere and enjoy myself while hopefully influencing others in the process.

If you don't have any better ideas besides "take it in the shorts and be mad about" (I have to assume you would have mentioned any great ideas you had in your post for the sake of rhetoric and conversation, I could be wrong about that.), why bother posting?

Have a great day and don't die. ;)

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