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Legal "Samsung made comments early Friday about going on the offensive with its ongoing patent dispute with Apple, and it appears to be putting its money (and its lawyers) where its mouth is. The Korean company just filed a complaint with The Hague, seeking a ban on all sales of Apple's smartphones and tablets due to alleged infringement of four of its wireless mobile technology patents. Dutch site has the details of the new complaint filed with The Hague, which relates specifically to 3G mobile networking technologies, as well as technologies governing the transfer rate of data to mobile devices over a cellular network. Samsung's complaint covers Apple itself, as well as five other private companies that manage Apple's sales and distribution channels in the Netherlands." I'll be following the Twitter feeds from The Hague closely coming Monday when the meeting about possible FRAND licensing takes place. Let's hope Samsung manages to pull an injunction out of all this.
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You don't actually know anything about this case, do you?

Samsung and Apple have already discussed the licensing of these patents. Apple wanted to negotiate licenses for these patents separately from other Apple/Samsung disputes. Samsung wanted a 'grand bargain' and refused to license the patents under typical FRAND terms.

Source? Not questioning you - I'd just like to know if these three patents have already seen negotitations. I haven't heard anybody else say this, you see.

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You have two options. You can go to Muller's blog. He has quotations from the various filings. I know you don't like him or whatever so just read the quotations and make up your own mind. Your other options is to request the filings as a member of the media (which, as you know, is a really abstract concept these days). It's actually really easy to do if your cool with paying the fee.

The Australian one is easier to read. You can get that from Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales Registry.

The US one is WAY more colorful but really really long. Apple accusations in that filing are so over the top it's funny.

I don't know if you can get the one from The Hague but I am going to try that too (stupid question but would those be only in Dutch or would they have an english translation?).

Anyway, basically, Samsung says Apple refuses to license the patents but Apple accuses Samsung of withholding the FRAND patents in a non-discriminatory manner (specifically saying they want a deal on the trade dress patents).

Also worth noting is that they are apparently scheduled to meet this week about the licensing so these patent cases might get defused before they even see court.


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