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Windows The story about how secure boot for Windows 8, part of UEFI, will hinder the use of non-signed binaries and operating systems, like Linux, has registered at Redmond as well. The company posted about it on the Building Windows 8 blog - but didn't take any of the worries away. In fact, Red Hat's Matthew Garrett, who originally broke this story, has some more information - worst of which is that Red Hat has received confirmation from hardware vendors that some of them will not allow you to disable secure boot.
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RE[3]: Comment by Luminair
by trev on Mon 26th Sep 2011 17:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Luminair"
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I'm curious to see how this effects the corporate environment where they often like to make a wholesale shift from say Win7 to Win8. Basically, buying win 8 hardware they won't be able to load Win 7 on. Going to make migration and desktop management even more of a nightmare than it currently is with Windows. So glad I work in the server/network environment and don't need to bother with this any more. I actually like to see MS make themselves more and more of a pain to use. Eventually people should reach a point of frustration where they throw up their hands and say enough. I really hope the hardware vendors dive all in and choke on this colossally bad idea. Let the support costs / returns explode for Win8 certified hardware and see if the OEMs are willing to choke down the MS garbage next time.

When the users and IT depts finally have had enough and throw up their hands we'll get more variety in the desktop market. Vista was a godsend for Apple and Linux on the desktop, this could just be part two of that saga.

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