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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, this is embarrassing. has been hacked (fixed by now), and was turned into a platform serving malware to unsuspecting visitors. The criminals did this by injecting a script which redirected visitors to a website which uses the BlackHole exploit pack, which probes the browser used and serves up an appropriate exploit. Computer security blogger Brian Krebs saw root access to being offered for $3000 only a few days ago.
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RE[16]: My best friend
by turrini on Wed 28th Sep 2011 14:00 UTC in reply to "RE[15]: My best friend"
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He didn't miss the point. You're missing the point, lucas.

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RE[17]: My best friend
by lucas_maximus on Wed 28th Sep 2011 14:16 in reply to "RE[16]: My best friend"
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I don't think so.

1) He completely missed the point with Photoshop VS Paint.NET example.

2) Advised that I distro hopped ... So reinstall my whole OS, instead of actually having the underlying problem fixed in the first place (HINT: Stable drive ABI).

3) Advised that I should use under performing drivers so I don't get the best out of my hardware.

4) Seems to think that Package manager is better than an installer for some reason. I left my fedora server off for 2 weeks ... 600 updates ...

If all Linux can offer is a "knock off" of Windows interface with Applications which are knock off of Windows application ... Why should anyone choose Linux over the real thing.

Even the creator of Gnome has similar opinions.

We’ve managed to p*** off developers every step of the way, breaking APIs all the time."

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RE[18]: My best friend
by vitae on Thu 29th Sep 2011 01:41 in reply to "RE[17]: My best friend"
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Is that really the point? Or is the point that you, despite saying you're an OpenBSD user, are especially touchy whenever anybody criticizes Windows. Why is that? Why would you care when you're an OpenBSD guy?

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