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Linux Linux is struggling on the desktop because it only has a small number of "great" apps, according to the Gnome co-creator. Miguel de Icaza, co-creator of the Gnome desktop, told tech journalist Tim Anderson at the recent Windows 8 Build conference "When you count how many great desktop apps there are on Linux, you can probably name 10," de Icaza said, according to a post on Anderson's IT Writing blog. "You work really hard, you can probably name 20. We've managed to p*** off developers every step of the way, breaking APIs all the time."
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Say what you like about Microsoft they love their devs. The new WinRT framework I can use all my existing HTML and JS skills to create Metro Apps ... so for me there is a very low level for entry for making metro apps.

FWIW I'd strongly disagree. I really hate developing software on Windows. I have some issues with C# as a language -- for example, I think signals and slots in Qt are a much better event syntax than delegates -- and I really don't like Visual C#. XAML is kinda cool, but Qt and GTK both offer roughly-comparable capabilities. Granted I don't have a lot of experience with desktop development, but I've done a very little work with Qt, GTK and WPF in C#, and so far I think I like C#/WPF the least.

Well, I like Java/Swing the least if we include that.

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I don't like Swing either.

TBH frameworks are like marmite you either love it or hate it. I am very comfortable with .NET and C#.

I have spoken to other very good devs that don't like .NET at all and for very good reasons.

I know what I am developing for and I don't get many suprises with Microsoft and after watching the Win 8 Build demo ... I can use a lot of my existing knowledge to develop desktop apps (I am a web dev).

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