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OSNews, Generic OSes Looking to write your own operating system? MikeOS, an open source teaching project with detailed documentation, has just reached a new release. Version 4.2 includes new programs (a memory editor, calculator, and ASCII art designer), file management in the CLI, and improvements to the text editor. If you want to start completely from scratch, try this guide first.
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RE: The problem with MikeOS
by hussam on Sun 2nd Oct 2011 07:05 UTC in reply to "The problem with MikeOS"
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Can anybody name more then 10 great desktop applications for MikeOS, and ONLY MikeOS. I bet not. That's the real reason MikeOS is still playing catch up with the big guys.

I've tried installing MikeOS on my grandmothers computer but no mather the claims it is simpy not ready for prime time.
Getting her Wacom-tablet to support all buttons was a nightmare, you'd imagine they'd have a nice GUI for such a basic task, it's only 2011. We're not all computer geniuses.

No, there's still hell alot of work to be done before MikeOS is ready for Joe User. I don't want to be overly negative here but until then, MikeOS will only be suited for enthusiasts.

EDIT: I Don't know why I posted this ;)

Seriously dude. No one cares. it's open source. People can code whatever the heck they want. There is no guarantee is will be useful.

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RE[2]: The problem with MikeOS
by righard on Sun 2nd Oct 2011 12:32 in reply to "RE: The problem with MikeOS"
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I was making sarcasm of the fact that people always assume that something isn't ready or useful before Joe User can use it. I do not hold this view myself. I like to toy with the OS myself and am working and something similar for ARM.

Nobody can hold it against you that you missed the sarcasm though, there really are people thinking like that. A person I showed Xmonad to said that they should get rid of the tiling windows, get rid of the Haskell configuration in favour of a gui and add a taskbar. If not, Xmonad would never appeal to the average user and was doomed to stay a niche project.
My explanation of target audiences went totally passed him.

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RE[2]: The problem with MikeOS
by fran on Sun 2nd Oct 2011 19:33 in reply to "RE: The problem with MikeOS"
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Hussam I dont know why they voted you down. I agree
In the second sentence of the article Mike states this is a teaching project.
Why hobby OS coders on OSnews should have to justify and defend there projects lately to the some abrasive OSnews commentors is just sad.

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Athlander Member since:

I guess he was modded down because he (and you) didn't realise it was a joke referring to another article about Linux. A bit unfair on you two, I know, as English isn't your first language and often posters forget that not every reader is fluent in English.

For what it's worth, I thought it was really funny ;)

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