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In the News The idea is for the Urban OS to gather data from sensors buried in buildings and many other places to keep an eye on what is happening in an urban area. The sensors monitor everything from large scale events such as traffic flows across the entire city down to more local phenomena such as temperature sensors inside individual rooms. The OS completely bypasses humans to manage communication between sensors and devices such as traffic lights, air conditioning or water pumps that influence the quality of city life.
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RE: Not an operating system
by JamesBroadhead on Tue 4th Oct 2011 08:51 UTC in reply to "Not an operating system"
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No - it _is_ an Operating System, we're just used to looking at it at a different level of abstraction. Contrast the many levels of abstraction between the early operating systems and modern ones. This has fewer.

... lets hope that they pick an OS that has a proven track record of running stably and reliably. Such as the distro that runs the Nasdaq ;)

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