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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I generally try to steer clear from the silly and crazy rumour mill surrounding soon-to-be-expected-to-be-launched devices, but this one is kind of interesting. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the US carrier Sprint is pretty much betting the company on Apple's next iPhone, ordering a staggering 30.5 million of them. At the same time, BGR reports that the iPhone 5 will be exclusive to Sprint (in the US at least), as a WiMAX device.
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RE[4]: This is bullshit...
by apoclypse on Tue 4th Oct 2011 13:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This is bullshit..."
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I was calling you out for being a whiny little brat over a cellphone. I personally don't give a shit what you do. Myself, I got pissed at AT&T when they refused to honor their warranty and return policy after a phone arrived damaged, and instead of cursing and wailing, I took my money elsewhere.

All I'm saying is, you're taking this stuff way to personally. Yes, the companies involved suck for personally screwing you over and making changes that affect only you and no one else...yeah whatever dude.

When the did I say they were personally screwing me over. WTF are you talking about? I never said they were personally screwing me over. i was airing out my frustration at the situation, that's it. Why do you give a shit what the fuck I think? So you don't whine good for you. I don't really care. I wanted to air out my frustration, so I did. Get fucking over it.

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RE[5]: This is bullshit...
by Morgan on Tue 4th Oct 2011 13:05 in reply to "RE[4]: This is bullshit..."
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And you're still crying and cursing at someone who doesn't matter (me) instead of being positive and looking at your options.

This is really why I'm starting to hate the cellphone companies. If they can cause this type of turmoil on a personal level between two strangers with their self-serving deals, what the hell are they doing to us on a grand scale?

Unfortunately, the only solution seems to be picking the carrier that sucks the least yet still offers hardware and coverage we can use.

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