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Legal Apple has the right to continue restricting its operating systems to its own hardware thanks to a decision handed down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday. Circuit Judge Mary Schroeder wrote in her opinion that Apple's Mac OS X licensing agreement was indeed enforceable against Psystar, which had sold non-Mac computers with Mac OS X installed.
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RE[5]: It's their OS
by jimmy1971 on Tue 4th Oct 2011 17:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: It's their OS"
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Haha, sounds like you guys are talking over one another. You are not completely denying that they may be enforceable, but that you don't care at all whether they are. You'd rather live by your own moral code than by laws set down in favor of wealthy corporate interests.

I am not completely denying that you are wrong. ;)

In practice, I take the Richard Stallman route and steer clear of proprietary software altogether. (I have a moral right to examine source code, as well as modify and redistribute it, and I enforce this moral right through my choice of software.) Now that I've spent a few years in the free software "land of Do-As-You-Please", I have no desire to reside anywhere else. If I suddenly had no choice but to use proprietary software, I would choose to stop using computers.

Having said all that, my point is that the EULAs can only be directly enforced by Apple to the degree to which they have the time and resources to do so, and to the extent they can detect violations. God help us if we ever live in a world where the police patrol our neighborhoods in search of hackentoshes.

("Forget the hostage situation, Bob...we have a EULA violation!!!")

But sympathy is with those who assert their moral rights over the legal ones that society's trust fund babies are able to score for themselves with daddy's money.

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