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Legal A few days ago, several countries signed ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. As you are probably aware, ACTA was drafted up in secret, and is basically Obama/Biden's attempt to impose the US' draconian pro-big business/big content protection laws on the rest of the world ('sign it, or else'). The European Parliament still has to vote on it, and as such, Douwe Korff, professor of international law at the London Metropolitan University, and Ian Brown senior research fellow at the University of Oxford, performed a 90-page study, with a harsh conclusion: ACTA violates fundamental human rights.
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You don't give your location in your profile but you do give your website address. So, from your August 2nd posting:

So here's what I came with as a reasonable state of a free society.

A free society is one in which the default position is freedom. It is up to the government to prove the harm caused by individual freedom in any area is so great that the government must intervene

The default is freedom (liberty, lets say).
It is up to the government to prove harm.

Yet, in your responses in this discussion, you are questioning why it is wrong to remove police/government from the situation and place the powers of law in the hands of corporations (RIAA and similar) along with granting them authority over other companies (ISP). You don't think authority for a corporation to act without due legal process conflicts with "proving harm"?

And, you suggest that the default in a free society is freedom yet you suggest we suspend individual's freedom at the mere unsubstantiated claim of wrongdoing by for profit corporation. So "innocent until proven guilty" - "er.. unless it's a major content providing corporation in which case 'guilty until proven less guilty'".

Am I the only one having a little cognitive dissonance in trying to correlate all this?

Let's make it simple;

- the law should not be places in the hands of for-profit corporations or any other entity with a vested interest in the guilt of the accused. The law should remain within the hands of an independent third party.

- the law of one nation should not be forced on another independent state. (sign ACTA or else you get put on the "do not trade" list)

No one is saying "go infringe copyright all you like". The issue is the legal cock waiving being done expressly for the purpose of removing rights granted to the individual by copyright law.

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