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Legal Fascinating infographic on the all the patent stuff going on in the mobile world today. Another infographic summarises the patent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung specifically (via). On a sidenote, what's the deal with infographics these days? Did someone decide they were cool without telling me?
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RE[3]: Fascinating?
by Lazarus on Wed 5th Oct 2011 23:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Fascinating?"
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"This is defining the technology world RIGHT NOW, and will shape the tech world of the future. Not reporting on this is irresponsible.

I didn't ask you WHY you were reporting on it. After all, I'm sure you wouldn't bother reporting on it if you didn't think it could accomplish anything. I'm just asking what you think/hope writing about it will accomplish, given the fact that are elected representatives (and pretty much anybody who ends up on a voting ballot) work for the patent holders.

I mean do you envision mass boycotts of these companies, overthrowing the government by force, or what? Basically, instead of posting half a dozen patent rants every week, how about we start talking solutions?

This is a tech news site. They are here to report the various goings on in the technology world, not to post any given person's idea of what the solution to a given problem may be. That's what blogs and the comments section are for.

I don't see why these extremely obvious things I just typed are so hard for you to comprehend.

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