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Apple On its website, Apple has just confirmed that its co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, has passed away at age 56. After bringing the company back from the brink of bankruptcy and turning it into one of the world's most succesful technology companies, Jobs lost the battle with pancreatic cancer.
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RE: I'm angry
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 6th Oct 2011 07:39 UTC in reply to "I'm angry"
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Heh, "cure" is a forbidden word for pharmaceutical companies. They don't want to "cure" anything--or else they would not be able to keep you on their patented and trademarked drugs for the long term. They want you to remain alive, but sick and of poor health, so they can keep selling you medications that "mask" the symptoms you're having.

- Cure an ailment... no further medications or treatments required. This means no more money for the pharmaceutical companies. Excellent for the sufferer, though; they may be able to return to good health, no longer need to blow money on expensive prescription drugs, and just be happier and feel better in general.
- Hide the root cause of disease and require treatments and medications to keep their symptoms at bay and to feel even remotely normal... the victim (of the disease, and of the companies...) is now double-f*cked, while the pharmaceutical companies are laughing all the way to the bank. Gotta love capitalism! Hey, I'm sure Steve did--look at all the $$$ that guy made. Add the nasty side effects synthetic chemicals tend to have on humans (and other animals and even plants, for that matter), and really, you're triple-f*cked.

I was semi-shocked for about five seconds when I read this, but not really. Why else would he step down? It was obvious Steve and Apple were hiding something, and it was obvious that his health was declining. I was actually expecting it. I can't stand Apple as a company though; their walled garden nature, their stupid-looking shiny white bare and curved product designs, and their over-rated and over-priced portable devices. I'm hoping this means Apple will dwindle as a company once again, and change their selfish ways. As it is, they're a bunch of selfish, arrogant pricks, and I'm getting sick of hearing about their iCrap and their ridiculous lawsuits against other companies.

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