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Graphics, User Interfaces Within the last few days we read the news about Apple's Siri AI personal assistant, and about a brain implant that lets monkeys control virtual limps & feel virtual objects. I believe that if someone is to also combine a few more technologies (e.g. high-res eyeware, appropriate operating system changes), we will be looking at the next user interface revolution, after the inventions of the computer mouse and touch interfaces.
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What about Kinect-style cam?
by kloty on Tue 11th Oct 2011 07:17 UTC
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I had some similiar thoughts what can be the next breakthrough in computer technologies:

What do you think about having 2 cams integrated in glasses, so you can do gestures to control your "computer"? Of course it looks silly when people start pointing to nowhere, but speaking in nowhere when you have a bluetooth headset was funny as well but people got used to it. I agree that voice recognition is very slow and unprecise.

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RE: What about Kinect-style cam?
by zima on Tue 11th Oct 2011 10:47 in reply to "What about Kinect-style cam?"
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As a main, prolonged way of control, this probably can work well only in films. Or on the ISS, perhaps.

Some starting points...

BTW, I don't think we really got used to people who loudly "talk to themselves" - we might accept it more readily, but it's still uncanny. Probably (still) triggers, and will continue to, some strong pathways in our brains which cause us to (unnecessarily) divert our attention to that speaker (to whom nobody replies - hence "wait, does that ape want something from me?!")

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