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Graphics, User Interfaces Within the last few days we read the news about Apple's Siri AI personal assistant, and about a brain implant that lets monkeys control virtual limps & feel virtual objects. I believe that if someone is to also combine a few more technologies (e.g. high-res eyeware, appropriate operating system changes), we will be looking at the next user interface revolution, after the inventions of the computer mouse and touch interfaces.
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RE[3]: Already there
by Neolander on Tue 11th Oct 2011 18:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Already there"
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Fully agree. Something similar can be said about people having non-neurotypical brainwaves - or just not the required set of two 100% working eyes to participate in 3D hype. :-)

And even when you have the eyes... I have two 100% working eyes, but it was not the case when I was younger, so my brain worked things out in an unusual fashion and my perception of relief is not based on binocular vision, but rather on other things like shadows, perspective and parallax effects.

For me, the main difference between 3D cinema and 2D cinema is that the first one is more expensive and requires you to wear stupid glasses. So in my perception of things, this 3D hype is truly based on thin air ;)

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