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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, today I finally joined the ranks of millions and millions of Android users, meaning I now have access to three of the major mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7). I am, however, a complete Android noob, and I'm suspecting there will be many more Android noobs in the years to come - among OSNews readers as well. Hence, I figured this might be as good a time as any for an OSNews Asks item: Android all the things! Okay, technically that's not a question, but these are: what are the best Android applications? The most useful widgets? The most beautiful themes? Should you root your Android device? Is there any reason to add the Amazon App Store? Are there any tweaks to improve the Android experience? And so on.
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Here's my list...
by rklrkl on Wed 12th Oct 2011 23:23 UTC
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Before I start, don't forget that you can log into with your Gmail username/password to see the list of apps on your phone ("My Library" link). Here's some of the better ones on my phone:

AppBrain App Market - a much better way to filter Market apps, IMHO (filtering on the standard Android Market app is dismal - free/paid/top and that's it)

ASTRO File Manager - I mainly use it to install .apk files (non-Market apps).

Andanced Task Killer - A widget on my home screen that I touch to kill background apps.

Anti-Virus Free - AVG For Android. Scans any downloads for viruses.

Apps 2 SD - Moves apps from the phone RAM onto the SD card or vice versa.

BBC iPlayer (limited to UK?) - Includes live streaming of BBC TV channels plus catch up on progs in the last week.

Box - Free cloud storage: mainly installed because I got 50GB free when signing up via my HP TouchPad

Chess for Android - Flexible chess game that can load many different engines.

Cover Art Downloader - Scans your SD card for music and downloads matching cover art that's shown in your music player.

DroidFish Chess - Probably the strongest chess program ported to Android

DroidIris - Eye candy version of an image search on Google/Bing/etc.

DroidZebra Reversi - Port of the extremely strong WZebra Windows Othello program

Firefox Beta - Gradually improving Android Firefox

Kindle - Nicely syncs with your Kindle's e-books

Prey Anti-Theft - Some nice features should your phone get lost or stolen

Pulse - Possibly the best general-purpose RSS reader out there

QR Droid - If you must have a QR reader, this is the one to get

Speedx 3D full&free - Just a fun little free 3D game

Sudoku Free - Never completed it on Extreme, but a good Sudoku implementation (from Remember to turn off all the hints otherwise you're cheating :-)

Wifi Analyzer - Handy graphs of current wi-fi spots - I used it to avoid overlap with my neighbour's frequency

Winamp - Yep, an Android port of the famous Windows music player

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free - Lovely use of the gyroscope with this classic puzzle

I would recommend installing the Android SDK on your PC as well - it's the only way to get screenshots from your phone without rooting it!

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RE: Here's my list...
by c0m47053 on Thu 13th Oct 2011 03:09 in reply to "Here's my list..."
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I would recommend installing the Android SDK on your PC as well - it's the only way to get screenshots from your phone without rooting it!

True for most devices, but the Galaxy S II has a screenshot function built in. If you press Home button and power together, it will put the screenshot in /sdcard/ScreenCapture.

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