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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Sources tell us that Nokia is developing a Linux-based replacement for its S40 phones, called Meltemi. The news was leaked, accurately, by the Wall Street Journal last week. Now we can confirm it. The thinking is that a Linux-based replacement for S40 will allow developers to tap into proven development tools - and Qt. The April memo referred to Meltemi as a platform for 'rich Featurephones' and stated that development will be centered in Ulm, Germany. There's no U-turn, however. Meltemi had been long-been touted as a richer successor to S40. Windows phones will occupy the budget smartphone segment, not Linux."
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RE[5]: Better than nothing but
by zima on Wed 12th Oct 2011 23:52 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Better than nothing but"
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Maybe focusing on different aspects of what makes (or doesn't make) something a failure?

Look at N9, it's (just getting) out there, its Meego works fine, seems to give those who tried it quite positive impressions. It's out there sooner than WinPhone handsets. Heck, they are clearly expanding from the R&D effort on the hardware of N9...
It's apparently quite smooth on non-spectacular hardware, so possibly adapting (in such case, not entirely "other attempt" & "different linux phone platform") its technologies to "lesser" handsets maybe won't create too many obstacles (and you know, the hardware of feature phone models from the same generation often hardly differed)

Meego "internal" state isn't what makes it a failure at this point - more the surrounding / market realities (something which basically makes WinPhone a failure, too, so far - just look at its (non-)adoption)

Yes, a failure at tapping the mind-share of premium "smartphones" ...but this doesn't have to be carried over to the market of inexpensive handsets, which doesn't work the same way; the dynamics in so called "feature phone" class & price range are different.

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