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General Unix Twitter is currently buzzing about the death of Dennis Ritchie, the visionary creator of UNIX and C, among other things. We hope it's just a false rumor. Story developing, we will be updating. Update: Unfortunately, it seems to be confirmed. Rob Pike, co-creator of the Plan 9 and Inferno OSes, who has worked with Ritchie in the past, and he's currently working for Google's GO language, posted this.
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RE[5]: horrible to hear
by doraemon on Thu 13th Oct 2011 12:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: horrible to hear"
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Ehmmm. C and UNIX were born at the very first 70's, and the modern home computers apperaed at the late 70's - Altair was very good but it was for computer enthusiasts -...

Many of the first microcomputer and personal computer creators were educated in C and UNIX, and they choose BASIC because it's easier to learn and implement than C - less memory used -... If you wanted something simpler, you had Forth at hand :-), like in the Jupiter ACE:

MS-DOS, like other early commercial OSes for home computers, were first implemented in assembly - like UNIX itself -, but after a short time most of these OSes where re-implemented in C... Apple OS was an exception.

Dennis Ritchie made the house with good foundations, and Jobs - and Microsoft - made it beautiful to sell it.

Jobs was a good salesman, who knew what to do to sell existing good ideas. Ritchie was one of the men that created ideas... This is the reason that makes me really sad because of Ritchie's dead, but Job's dead only makes me to show respect.

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