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Hardware, Embedded Systems According to (via popsci), the Cray Inc. XT5-HE supercomputer (Jaguar) is getting updated. The Department of Energy's Jaguar computer will be renamed Titan. This reported $97 million upgrade will be using AMD CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and is claimed to "be at least twice as fast and three times as energy efficient as today's fastest supercomputer, which is located in Japan." Good news for gamers.
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UHhh...huh..huh...shutup Beavis!
by nPHYN1T3 on Thu 13th Oct 2011 18:12 UTC
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Ya that's some good wording for sure "AMD's Nvida Tesla GPUs" for technical accuracy it should have read "AMD's ATI Nvida Intel VIA Tesla GPUs" just to make it pop.

In all seriousness I'm sure there is a sentence missing in there somewhere saying the ATI's being swapped for nVidia's, oh wait I said ATI...I meant AMD nVidia's lulz -Can't Stop won't stop! (way over tired here)

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