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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ah, it's that time of the year again. We already had this up on the sidebar, but I figured we'd turn it into a proper front page item - mostly because I want to discuss the move by the Ubuntu team to no longer install GNOME 2 as the 'classic' desktop option - which pretty much ends any and all involvement for me with Ubuntu (KDE 4 here I come). There's more to this than just that, of course, so those of you who do like Unity still have enough reason to upgrade.
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by IndigoJo on Fri 14th Oct 2011 16:24 UTC
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Actually, I just checked the packages in Synaptic (which you can install very simply with APT) and you cannot install GNOME 2. The GNOME 2 libraries are available, but not the whole desktop environment (gnome-panel etc).

Ubuntu has definitely declined in quality since Lucid - I found Maverick very reliable (even from the beta release), but I have had a lot of problems with both Natty and Oneiric: failing to recognise my Broadcom wireless in both releases, and now (on my laptop, the desktop machine is fine) the sound card is not functioning. Up until Maverick, it found all my hardware (on a Dell laptop) and it worked perfectly.

Also, both Unity and GNOME 3 have vaguely Mac-like desktop concepts, without all the functionality. The system tray is either crippled (Unity) or buried (G3), which breaks a lot of cross-platform applications. If they want a Mac-type Dock, give it the same functionality - like having it at the bottom (at least as an option), rather than glued to the side, and letting application developers give it a menu, and by the way PUBLISH THEIR API. The fallback version of GNOME 3 (which appears as "GNOME Classic" on Ubuntu Oneiric) has a vaguely G2-like experience, but it's a cut-down one - you can't configure the panels, for example.

I've switched over to KDE 4 as well, for my desktop machine (apart from the sound issue, Unity doesn't work too badly on my laptop). Seriously considering getting a Mac, because Ubuntu was the only distro that worked reliably and it's gone to the dogs.

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