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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ah, it's that time of the year again. We already had this up on the sidebar, but I figured we'd turn it into a proper front page item - mostly because I want to discuss the move by the Ubuntu team to no longer install GNOME 2 as the 'classic' desktop option - which pretty much ends any and all involvement for me with Ubuntu (KDE 4 here I come). There's more to this than just that, of course, so those of you who do like Unity still have enough reason to upgrade.
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RE[2]: Surprised
by Finalzone on Fri 14th Oct 2011 20:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Surprised"
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GNOME Shell is fast, light and attractive UI. But since I can't get the actitivies with a right-mouse click (and I was informed that X wouldn't let that happen) there is no point using it on a 20" LCD panel going to Activities corner every single second.

You can use Super-Key (Windows icon on most keyboard) to to access activities then type a few word for your desired applications or right one of applications to open a new window. You know that because you have intensively used Gnome-Shell on previous topics.

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