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Legal "Top-ranking Obama administration officials, including the US copyright czar, played an active role in secret negotiations between Hollywood, the recording industry and ISPs to disrupt internet access for users suspected of violating copyright law, according to internal White House e-mails. The e-mails, obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, show the administration's cozy relationship with Hollywood and the music industry's lobbying arms, and its early support for the copyright-violation crackdown system publicly announced in July. One top official even used her personal e-mail account at least once during the negotiations with executives and lobbyists from companies ranging from AT&T to Universal Music." You don't say. Totally did not see this coming. Major surprise. Who'da thunk?
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Um, and? So what? GOOD, in fact.
by MollyC on Fri 14th Oct 2011 22:11 UTC
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The US is the primary producer of content, and US companies are the ones most ripped off by pirates. So the US government has an interest in vigoursly enforcing copyright law. I might also add that the President himself made his wealth from his two books, so he himself is a content creator and would have sympathy toward content creators that don't want their content ripped off. Those that want to give their works away for free via Creative Commons or whatever are free to do so. But that doesn't mean that ever other content creator should be forced to give their stuff away too, or that they should be forced to just accept a situation where their stuff gets ripped off with impunity.

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As a creator, I don't hate copyright. But removing the rule of law and the "innocent until proven guilty" principle to enforce copyright is insane. Copyright is a two way street. An agreement between creator and society. If the creators want anyone to take them seriously, then maybe they should stop screwing with the law. Copyrighted works ARE supposed to make it into the public. Yet we haven't see any in many decades thanks to the industry. Further, copyright law say NOTHING about making a profit. Why is it that Hollywood has no competition? Maybe because they are gaming the system? And you want to protect these people? This isn't some poor author we are talking about here. These laws are only for the mega corporations.

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