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Features, Office "The LibreOffice media team has passed along some new information about what was revealed at this week's LibreOffice conference. At the Paris conference, experimental versions of LibreOffice for iOS, Android, and for web-browsers were revealed."
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RE[4]: Apple will never allow it
by Alfman on Mon 17th Oct 2011 03:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Apple will never allow it"
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"If you dislike the iPhone then all power to you but you shouldn't need to create fabrications simply to bolster what essentially is a matter of personal preference rather than something based on empirical and objective hard data."

I'm just saying the OP has a valid point, many apps are at risk of being rejected by apple because they threaten apple's own products. My opinion of the iphone is irrelavant, however I never said that I disliked the iphone.

"Again, instead of posting complete and utter crap, how about searching the AppStore through the productivity section - dozens of applications that replicate what iWork does."

I don't disagree with you, apple has been completely inconsistent in applying apple app store rules. Either apple's app approval team are simply inconsistent, or they are strategically applying the rules differently to different apps. It doesn't really matter which answer is correct, the OP's point *still* stands; developing on the iphone is a risk unless they can get approval from apple first.

Edit: BTW I'm not trying to be confrontational, but it is true that apple had a history of banning apps for "duplicate functionality". If you know that apple has changed their stance on duplicate functionality, I would like to read up on that.

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