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Legal "Top-ranking Obama administration officials, including the US copyright czar, played an active role in secret negotiations between Hollywood, the recording industry and ISPs to disrupt internet access for users suspected of violating copyright law, according to internal White House e-mails. The e-mails, obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, show the administration's cozy relationship with Hollywood and the music industry's lobbying arms, and its early support for the copyright-violation crackdown system publicly announced in July. One top official even used her personal e-mail account at least once during the negotiations with executives and lobbyists from companies ranging from AT&T to Universal Music." You don't say. Totally did not see this coming. Major surprise. Who'da thunk?
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RE[4]: LOL!
by Kivada on Mon 17th Oct 2011 06:10 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: LOL!"
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When did Silicon Valley move to Houston?

Yeah, I shouldn't have posted when half asleep, when it clicked in my head it was past the edit window.

So to rephrase, it's a problem of massive deregulation nation wide across all industries, the citizens united decision was just another symptom of the revolving door in politics where they either come from or go to the companies that have paid them off, just look at Cheny and Haliburton.

Either way, it's not just Apple, but pretty much every company, a few of the ultra rich have even come out complaining that their taxes are too low, just check the stuff that Warren Buffet has put out on the subject, theres nothing you can say that can disprove his data, even though the faux "news" shills try to call him a communist hippy even though Buffet is a ruthless capitalist that has enough money to buy their very lives.

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