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Windows Well, its not official yet, but Microsoft's Windows 7 has now become the most widely used operating system. . . Windows 7 now has a strong 40.21% share of all desktop operating systems around the world whereas, the usage share of Windows XP has slipped to 38.64%. All this happened a couple of days back (in October). The rise in usage of Windows 7 and the drop in usage of Windows XP has been consistent since the time Windows 7 was first launched.
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Linux and Windows bashing
by Gestahlt on Tue 18th Oct 2011 17:51 UTC
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I really like Win 7. They did a lot of stuff the right way (Vista is for me like Windows ME if you know what i mean). Face the facts, XP is outdated and it was time for a proper successor. I encountered several hardware realated issues (lacking drivers support and so on).. even on new hardware (Ugh, Serial I/O Cards). A few options that never worked for me on XP also never worked for me on Win 7 (System recovery). For my taste also too much eyecandy and the new network manager is driving me nuts.
In the end.. pretty much the same when we switched from 98 to 2k.. aint it? Was it better?

Nonetheless the Systems with Win7 usually run quite stable if you use a fresh non "OEM packed bullshit preinstalled" version and i think for the customer OS market its the right choice if you ainĀ“t an Apple fanboy.

I do like Linux Desktops but only if i dont have to support them. Explaining how to fix issues to customers is just so.. complicated. I run Ubuntu 8.04 on my Laptop for work (and im pretty much the only one using Linux in my company) and i love it. Everything i need from Windows for work is virtualized in KVM. Since im working in the technical department i also rely on a lot of tools for diagnosis, network and system recovery which come straight out of the box without searching the web for a "free" and working application.

Oh btw: I do love shellscript.
... i dont mind batch either...
But i do hate powershell.

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