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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Free Software Foundation released a statement open for public signing, titled 'Stand up for your freedom to install free software'. The statement is a response to Microsoft's announcement that if computer makers wish to distribute machines with the Windows 8 compatibility logo, they must implement a system called 'Secure Boot'. The FSF statement warns against the danger that, if done wrong, this system would have to be called Restricted Boot, because it could make computers incapable of running anything but Windows." Signed.
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By demanding that OEMs implement this for Windows 8 obviously Microsoft is increasing the risk for everyone.
Hence why the FSF campaign is good.

And no-one will deny that Microsoft wouldn't mind if OEMs mess up and thus not allow people to install an alternative operating system.
True - except that there'd probably be enough outcry (and perhaps boycotts) to harm them - it's not a 100% clear-cut win ;)

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All the existing FSF and "Linux community" news items about "Secure Boot" are all pre-emptive strikes obviously.

Who knows, maybe we can prevent any disaster this time (probably not).

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