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Google So, somewhere in the middle of the night (at least for me) Samsung and Google held a joint event, in which they announced both the new Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus, and Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. While the Galaxy Nexus is a pretty impressive phone, what we got to see from Ice Cream Sandwich surely didn't drop too many jaws.
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And look at that!
by bornagainenguin on Wed 19th Oct 2011 18:55 UTC
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We're still waiting for the source code to be released...

I have an Android phone currently but when I finally upgrade it will probably be something else since no one in the market is currently offering any options that are truly open. That being the case I might as well opt for the choice that has best chance of at least seeing regular updates...


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they stated that the source for the honeycomb version would not be released and that source code release would happen when phone/tablet branches where fully merged in Icecream Sandwitch.. am I missing something that justifies all the grief over a temporary and planned absence of source release?

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robojerk Member since:

I think the source will be released very soon. I think they will hold of releasing it until the flagship phone is available.
It would be kind of embarrassing if ICS was available (unofficially) on the S, SII, Atrix, and all the other phones released within the last year before the flagship phone even hit the shelves.

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RE: And look at that!
by phoenix on Wed 19th Oct 2011 20:22 in reply to "And look at that!"
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No phones running 4.0 have been released yet. Hence, no source code for 4.0 has been released yet.

Once the Nexus Prime hits store shelves and is in customer hands, then you can complain about lack of access to the source for Android 4.0.

Or, add some whipped cream to the crow you'll be eating. One or the other. ;)

I'll reserve judgement until the end of November 2011.

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RE: And look at that!
by robojerk on Wed 19th Oct 2011 22:56 in reply to "And look at that!"
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AOSP Source code availability

We plan to release the source for the recently-announced Ice Cream Sandwich soon, once it’s available on devices.

As these new servers are, well, new, there may be hiccups if we encounter unexpected issues. However we’re keeping a close eye on them and will respond to any issues as quickly as possible.

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