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Google So, somewhere in the middle of the night (at least for me) Samsung and Google held a joint event, in which they announced both the new Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus, and Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. While the Galaxy Nexus is a pretty impressive phone, what we got to see from Ice Cream Sandwich surely didn't drop too many jaws.
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Comment by _txf_
by _txf_ on Wed 19th Oct 2011 19:27 UTC
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"Galaxy Nexus sports a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor, which I actually find a little on the slow side for what is supposed to be the flagship Android device"

One really ought to know better than fall into the clock frequency trap.

Most of the 1.5Ghz devices are older generation chips clocked higher to compensate for weaker capability...

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RE: Comment by _txf_
by unoengborg on Wed 19th Oct 2011 23:00 in reply to "Comment by _txf_"
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Besides with hardware accellerated GUI, and garbage collection with multicore support. I guess Android 4 will feel snappier even on slower processors. Besides, ower clock frequencys usually improves battery life.

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RE: Comment by _txf_
by kragil on Wed 19th Oct 2011 23:41 in reply to "Comment by _txf_"
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Exactly. All things equal the Mhz mean something, but without equality it is just one indicator in a set that includes cache sizes, memory bandwidth/connection, SOC generation and extra chips.

For example the nexus one and the nexus S have the clockspeed, but the S has more cache etc and is therefor a lot faster.

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