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Windows Well, its not official yet, but Microsoft's Windows 7 has now become the most widely used operating system. . . Windows 7 now has a strong 40.21% share of all desktop operating systems around the world whereas, the usage share of Windows XP has slipped to 38.64%. All this happened a couple of days back (in October). The rise in usage of Windows 7 and the drop in usage of Windows XP has been consistent since the time Windows 7 was first launched.
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It's pretty obvious that 10 years on Linux hasn't gotten anywhere, Mac grew a tiny bit, and for 90%+of computer users nothing has changed, Windows is still a monopoly and the only real choice available for millions of users. Android will be an option for business when it has Maya, Photoshop, HP HelpDesk, Sharepoint (equivalent), AD (Samba4), Gui based SQL Server/management tools. All the crap that's available on Windows that isn't available anywhere else. I'm just listing things I can think of off the top of my head. There's BILLIONS more apps that don't run on linux and wine isn't an option unless your company can get paid corporate support for it (and the app running on it specifically).

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Having vast majority of the market isn't an offence, illegal monopolistic practices are (not saying that MS got any real punishment, but...)

And, what, Android and such very desktop-oriented stuff like Maya, Photoshop, ...? What the hell for?
(BTW, Maya was from the start and is a *nix app, many people don't seem to realize that...)

BILLIONS? (presumably in use) That would mean every PC user (around 2 billion now, IIRC) would have at least one (actively used) written specifically for them, on average, which is almost certainly not the case.

Living in a world of fantasies won't improve the situation...

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