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Windows Well, its not official yet, but Microsoft's Windows 7 has now become the most widely used operating system. . . Windows 7 now has a strong 40.21% share of all desktop operating systems around the world whereas, the usage share of Windows XP has slipped to 38.64%. All this happened a couple of days back (in October). The rise in usage of Windows 7 and the drop in usage of Windows XP has been consistent since the time Windows 7 was first launched.
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RE[5]: I don't believe that
by dusanyu on Thu 20th Oct 2011 18:21 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I don't believe that"
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Most people "work" out of the browser these days operating system has become a mute point.

i find it funny how quick people are to bash Linux over its desktop share

there are probably more Linux users out there than anything when you count Servers, Phones, Cars, TV's set top boxes

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RE[6]: I don't believe that
by zima on Mon 24th Oct 2011 23:51 in reply to "RE[5]: I don't believe that"
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If that were so simple, Linux should be rising sharply in desktops (what the topic here was... starting from desktop share of various Windows versions), since it doesn't matter what runs the browser.

Also, when you count mainframes (financial transaction processing on which the world runs), there's probably more people who "use" IBM MVS... Regarding TVs, did you even ever hear about TRON? (it might very well be the most widely deployed OS in existence) Cars are more often bound to have something following OSEK specs. Phones, Nokia S30 and S40.

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