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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "XDA member vari9 points us to an app developed by a few devs over at dexetra that basically does the same exact thing as Siri. Total development time? 8 hours, according to the devs. Needless to say, this little amount of time put in the app almost guarantees that it is in alpha stage and as such you are likely to receive weird answers or no answers at all, but as with everything in the world of Android, this is a work in progress, which will flourish rather soon due to the large interest that was generated on this technology thanks to Apple's marketing efforts." It's quite clearly not on the same level as Siri, but the fact these developers managed to get this far this quickly is pretty impressive. Then again, as long as Iris keeps interpreting 'Fiona Apple' as 'Fianna Apple', 'owner Apple' or 'George Bush' (?!), it's completely pointless to me. In any case, it's free on the Android Market.
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RE[2]: Well, this is curious
by leos on Thu 20th Oct 2011 20:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Well, this is curious"
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"To be clear: OSNews' original description of iOS5's voice recognition was wrong?

Uhm, how do you figure? Don't WP7 and Android already have voice recognition?

Have you actually used it? I have (Vlingo and Google Voice actions) and no, it's not the same thing as Siri.

Not sure why people keep making the mistake of thinking polish and integration doesn't matter. Not only does it matter, it is the critical step between a tech toy and a useful everyday system. Windows Mobile phones could do basically everything that a modern smartphone can do, but the user experience sucked so it was basically useless. Same argument with MP3 players.. Not like Apple invented anything new there, it was all about polish and user experience to make it appeal to everyone.

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