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OS/2 and eComStation The eComStation demo CD is available for download. Now everyone is invited to download it and experience this OS, which is a continuation of IBM's os/2. The focus of eCS is to provide an organization with a set of world class business applications and an application engine which can support multiple API sets. eCS is REXX enabled and comes with support for Java, Windows 3.x (limited 32 bit Windows), OS/2 and DOS applications.
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RE: Now I remember...
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If you drove a moped on the expressway, many would say you were crazy or and idiot. If you then complained that when large trucks passed by, that the wind they pushed made your moped hard to handle, many would say you are stupid.

Knoppix, QNX demo and eComStation demo are intended to be booted from a removable drives (CD or Floppy Diskettes). If you install them in a virtual machine and then complain about the performance of the operating systems, what do people think of you?

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