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Amiga & AROS Big news from the Amiga world this weekend. That stubborn bunch are holding AmiWest 2011 this weekend, and it's been one heck of an eventful little, uh, event. Not only will the AmigaOne X1000 start shipping by year's end, Hyperion also announced something many in the Amiga world have been waiting for for a long time: an Amiga laptop. Update: Steven Solie, AmigaOS' team lead, also held a presentation about the past, present, and future of AmigaOS. The team is working on some pretty interesting stuff - protected address space, multicore support, USB3, new printing subsystem, and much more.
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What does it matter if the CPU is EOL? It won't magically disappear from your motherboard because it's EOL, and it's not like it'd have been upgradable even if it wasn't EOL.

And you miss the point. What are the alternatives? The people who will be buying this want a machine that runs AmigaOS 4 that is faster than the existing hardware that runs AmigaOS 4. It's not like an x86 box from the PC shop on the corner offers better value, because it's not fit for their purpose (and most of them probably *do* already have an x86 box *too* to serve other purposes).

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The CPU being EOL'd does matter a big deal. Parts availability, for example, it's a crucial issue.

Buying a product which is not only obsolete, but based around terminated parts, even before it hits the shelves seems like a bizarre enterprise.

But that is part of what makes the Amiga... well, the Amiga I guess.

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