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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris A few days after Mark Shuttleworth, Gal Duval, founder of Linux Mandrake, now Mandriva, posted a FAQ related to his distribution. He addresses some controversial issues such as Will Mandriva ever demand licence fees?, How can a free software based company be sustainable? and even Why is the default desktop in Mandriva Linux blue?
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lmao... Pure genious
by Jezza on Fri 21st Oct 2005 20:03 UTC
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I left Mandrake for Debian and later ubuntu before they made the name change to Mandriva, I found the whole distro a little *too nannying* for my liking. But this article has cracked me up, pure genious... This guy is a comedic master!! I really hope Mark comes up with some witty retort to this, or perhaps bucks his ideas up and starts working on that "binary compatibility" thing... I'm fed up of debian packaged not installing on ubuntu because kdelibs and qt3devsomething are called different names in ubuntu to debian. Duval hit the nail on the head with his comments on this, and it's my only real quibble with ubuntu

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RE: lmao... Pure genious
by on Fri 21st Oct 2005 23:08 in reply to "lmao... Pure genious"
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Mandriva can be as "minimal" & "power-user" ish as you want it to be - I've got fairly minimal custom installs of Mandriva on around 500 mb disk space, consisting of Fluxbox, Eterm, VIM, NEdit, XChat, Firefox, MCC and very little else - so as you can see, you can implement a fairly light-weight setup from a standard Mandriva distribution.

(With Mandriva I typically go for the custom install - then strip out all the tickboxes down to around 275 mb, then "manually" select the packages that I want (including X, the 75's, the WM etc, etc))

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