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Apple Appleinsider writes: "An anticipated Apple high-definition television set, complete with iOS features including Siri voice commands, FaceTime video chat and access to the App Store, would be a strong product in a massive $100 billion market, according to a new analysis." Last year I explained my vision of a smart TV too (read the comment), and my ideas were pretty much the same thing AppleInsider discusses about today. Back then I was almost laughed at by most OSNews residents for these ideas. I have the feeling that the people who then found my ideas ridiculous, they'll now find a possible Apple smart TV "natural" and "revolutionary".
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RE: In Soviet Russia...
by drstorm on Tue 25th Oct 2011 00:13 UTC in reply to "Comment Title"
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In Soviet Russia, TV watches YOU!

I guess, not just in Soviet Russia anymore. ;)

Edit: That was supposed to be a new thread. Sorry...

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RE[2]: In Soviet Russia...
by zima on Sat 29th Oct 2011 14:52 in reply to "RE: In Soviet Russia..."
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The best mindfrak - first two meaning of "CCTV" here ;) ;)

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