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Apple So, how serious is the legal battle between Apple and the various Android phone makers, really? Surely, it's just logical business sense that's behind it, right? Calculated, well-planned precision strikes designed to hurt Android where simply making better, more innovative products isn't enough? Well, no, not really. We already knew Steve Jobs took this personal - now we know just how personal.
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RE[7]: So I guess that...
by phoudoin on Wed 26th Oct 2011 09:35 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: So I guess that..."
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Development of Clang is initiated and sponsored by Apple.

But Clang is a child of LLVM. Which was not initiated by Apple. Which you seems to claim.

The University of Illinois hosts the project.

Consequence of CLang being a child of LLVM, which is an University of Illinois project from start.

Apple is a major industry backer of both Clang AND LLVM, providing resources to both projects. Again, thanks to give credits where it's due.

Agreed, but like for movies, don't cherry pick the credits then: while CLang does, LLVM's credits don't all goes to Apple.

Like XUN does, but Mach don't.
Like MacOS graphical interface did, but WIMP design didn't.

See a pattern?

Apple is working hard since long to make people forget that not all was invented by Apple. Many are, but a lot others stuffs are improvement over other's innovation.

I don't know for you, but I try to keep my memories marketing/branding free.

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