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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Today is the start of Nokia World 2011, the event where Nokia would unveil its first Windows Phone 7 device(s). And so they did. The Finnish mobile giant unveiled two Windows Phone 7 smartphones, as well as four new Series 40 phones for emerging markets. The most interesting thing? Pricing. Pretty aggressive. Update: Anybody want a kidney?
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Call me weird...
by mfaudzinr on Wed 26th Oct 2011 22:17 UTC
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Well why don't you just... because I do want a Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphone. A lot of you guys hate it but I have been anticipating it's release with bated breath. Not holding my breath longer as it may not be available in my country until year end or even next year. I won't buy it from any other vendor but Nokia when it comes to Windows Phone 7. To me it's perfect marriage.

However my next phone (Soon) will be Samsung Galaxy SII or Note (Depends on availability). Even after I've bought the Samsung, I still want a Nokia phone. Windows phone concept is different enough than what's available in the market that I find it a breath of fresh air instead of similar interface concept especially between Android and IOS.

Ok I am a bit all over the place, my tech appetite varies but what the heck - yes I do want the Nokia Lumia 800.

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RE: Call me weird...
by j-kidd on Thu 27th Oct 2011 00:21 in reply to "Call me weird..."
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Come on, Malaysia is one of the few N9-compatible countries according to Nokia. Get one!

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RE[2]: Call me weird...
by mfaudzinr on Thu 27th Oct 2011 02:06 in reply to "RE: Call me weird..."
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Now that would feel like a dead end. Wouldn't want to get something that will not be actively developed (Meego) unless you count Tizen. As gorgeous as it is, N9 unfortunately has no definite future. I was excited about Meego & Nokia until they changed their course and went MS but the end result is not half bad as I would have thought, it is again rather schizophrenic of Nokia to have done what they did. With Nokia's hardware expertise and MS Mango, I'd say this, one word sums it up, it's "clean".

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