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Apple According to sources, Apple will entirely re-design the Finder in its next major Mac OS X update. The new version of the Finder, code-named "Chardonnay" (like the wine), will be totally based on the Spotlight meta-search technology which was introduced earlier this year with Tiger. The aim behind this new Finder is to offer to the user the ability to browse his files just as he browses his music. Users will be able to browse files by different criteria (name, type, creator, creation date, modification date, etc.). Elsewhere, the first benchmarks of the new PowerMacs have arrived.
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RE[5]: WinFS
by thavith_osn on Fri 21st Oct 2005 21:28 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: WinFS"
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I know we are meant to be talking about OS X, and I'm listening in interest to the new features we will have in Leopard...

Just a quick question, about a year ago I heard that WinFS slowed down the performace of the OS quite a lot, is this still the case (yes, I understand it is alpha / beta s/w)...

btw, for me, the finder was the app that most needed attention, I'm glad they are doing something with it. My guess is that Leopard will be something that will raise the bar for OS's quite a lot, esp. considering the timing of it's release, around the same time as Vista... There will be even more eye candy, Front Row will be standard and improved, we'll see Pages updated and a spreadsheet app introduced (maybe even a database app). I think the time has come for a media centre with most of the capabilities of MS's too, probably in a modified Mini with TV etc...

Just my guesses based on everyone elses ;-)

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RE[6]: WinFS
by n4cer on Fri 21st Oct 2005 22:07 in reply to "RE[5]: WinFS"
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From what I remember using the early builds of "Longhorn" that had WinFS, the performance ranged from being a bit slower to being comparable to XP. I haven't installed the Beta 1 build available for XP yet. I can and report back subjective perf if you like. In demos, the perf was at least comparable to XP. There's a video available on Channel 9 that shows off the Beta 1 build, the types of apps WinFS enables, and talks about how all the usual file management tasks you do today (backup, network access, etc.) will continue to work as you'd expect, but WinFS enables more and better ways of managing and visualizing your data.

This is probably the only video you need to watch to get your answers about WinFS:

However, there is other WinFS content available on Channel 9:

as well as the WinFS blog which should provide more info and allow you to also ask the devs about WinFS:

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RE[7]: WinFS
by thavith_osn on Sat 22nd Oct 2005 02:36 in reply to "RE[6]: WinFS"
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Thank you!!! I'll check those out...

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