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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Today is the start of Nokia World 2011, the event where Nokia would unveil its first Windows Phone 7 device(s). And so they did. The Finnish mobile giant unveiled two Windows Phone 7 smartphones, as well as four new Series 40 phones for emerging markets. The most interesting thing? Pricing. Pretty aggressive. Update: Anybody want a kidney?
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"So Meltemi apps will probably run on Meego as well... right?"

There is a possibility that Meego will no longer exist by the time Meltemi is released. Most likely Meltemi applications will be able to be ported to tizen the descendent of Meego without very much effort.

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That is the nice thing about opensource: it will continue to exist as long as enough people like to have it :-)

From what I read Meltemi is Qt on Linux and therefore 1:1 Meego-compatible. No need to port anything. Recompile if at all and be fine.

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