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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Remember when Apple surpassed Nokia to become the world's best-selling smartphone manufacturer? Well, Apple only had one quarter to enjoy this title, since Samsung just soared past them by quadrupling its smartphone shipments, making Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Update: As was noted in the comments, Apple also uses shipments - they just call them sales. Straight from their SEC filing.
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RE[4]: deja vu all opver again
by unclefester on Sun 30th Oct 2011 12:21 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: deja vu all opver again"
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Smartphones for $50 and tablets for €200 ?
Don't think so...

They are already available at these prices in China.

eg Zenithink ZT-280 C91 10.2" Android 2.2 Tablet PC Capacitive Touch Screen CORTEX A9 1GHz 512MB DDR2 WIFI G-senor Camera (USD229 shipped).

The $50 tablet is totally plausible within five years.

You do realise that the push is to make these devices as powerful as possible. Better screen, better cpu, more ram, better battery life, better camera. Add it up and that means that they're not going to approach $200 anytime soon, not the ones that are selling's in big numbers anyways.

The push for higher specs is coming from the phone marketing departments not the public. More specs equals bigger margins.

Current smartphones are already more than capable of performing the tasks required by 99% of buyers.

The reality:
higher resolution screens are pointless.
bigger screens are impractical.
you can't take decent photos with a fixed (phone) lens.
battery aren't improving.
phones can't get much thinner.

My Ericsson T18s phone cost AUD1200 in 1999 (equivalent to around AUD2000 now). I can buy an unlocked Nokia for AUD29 that is vastly better. A better phone for 1/65th the price!

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