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RISC OS Sometimes, on a rather boring and run-of-the-mill Monday, I get news in the submission queue which just puts a gigantic smile on my face. We've talked about the Raspberry Pi before on OSNews, and other than reporting that everything's on track for a Christmas launch, it has also been announced that the Raspberry Pi will be able to run... RISC OS. A British educational ARM board running RISC OS? We have come full circle. And I couldn't be happier. Update: Theo Markettos emailed me with two corrections - Markettos isn't actually a representative of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and the quoted bits are transcribed, they're not Markettos' literal words. Thanks for clearing that up!
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RE: Comment by AnythingButVista
by jabjoe on Mon 31st Oct 2011 16:00 UTC in reply to "Comment by AnythingButVista"
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That's kind of how I feel. But I probably feel Latin is more useful to know than RiscOS. Unix is Latin really. Understand Latin and you understand many languages. Understand Unix and you understand many OSs. Linux is just the Latin all the cool young kids are speaking today. Ok mixed metaphors but you get my point! Python and Linux over BBC BASIC and RiscOS by a thousand to one!

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My understanding is this is a case of, there are a few RISC OS enthusiasts that happen to be involved with the project, and in addition to Linux (which is the focus), a RISC OS port is being done.

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That's mine too, but I just want to be absolutely crystal that this should not take one second away from time spend working on Linux. Any time/energy/money taken away from Linux in favour of RiscOS is harm as far as I'm concerned. I do kind of feel the RiscOS guys should be joining in with Linux to be honest. RiscOS is over.

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