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Multimedia, AV While Adobe previously said it would support Google's WebM video format within their Flash Player software, it doesn't look like this support will be arriving soon. Adobe's MAX 2011 conference took place last week in Los Angeles. During a Q&A session, WebM support in Flash was talked about. After Adobe was questioned about the WebM support, the response was, "Yes, on the priority list it's not very high because we don't have a lot of customers or real customers who want to do production with WebM. The problem on the production side is that encoding WebM is simply too slow, it's not real time. And it's not JDI too (just do it). Yes, it's a lot of work for us."
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RE: bollocks
by westlake on Tue 1st Nov 2011 00:44 UTC in reply to "bollocks"
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It's obvious they got threatened by MPEG-LA. "If you bring in WebM we'll make trouble with H.264."

There are over 1,000 H.264 licensees, including Adobe, Google and Canonical.

29 licensors, most of them global industrial giants like Mitsubishi.

H.264 is core technology in digital television production and distribution, which is the fundamental reason why WebM is on the back-burner.

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