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Google "Let's not mince words here: This 'Android and iPhone Update History' chart [OSNews item] is not a good chart. Oh, it's a pretty chart, to be sure artfully illustrated and researched. But this chart - done up by Michael Degusta at The Understatement and reposted by anyone unable to think clearly, apparently - is not a good chart. Or at the very least, it fails to recognize a fundamental difference between Android and iOS and the iPhone."
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RE[3]: lack of tree syncs.
by cmchittom on Tue 1st Nov 2011 16:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: lack of tree syncs. "
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Ok... I'm not up to date on how phones do that. But, shouldn't that be pretty easy to do? How does cyanogenmod do it?

I'm not entirely sure, but since Cyanogenmod only targets specific phones, my best guess is that they compile a list of what's on Phones X, Y, and Z (since all that's known), and then have their own software to check for that hardware ("Oh, you have hardware a, b, and c: you must have a Motorola Droid," or whatever). I don't really know, though. Anybody with specific knowledge care to chime in?

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Ok, well, I'm basically saying that they should do it the same way.

If a unofficial third party group can do it, then an official third party group could do it.

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RE[5]: lack of tree syncs.
by zima on Sun 6th Nov 2011 23:57 in reply to "RE[4]: lack of tree syncs. "
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Only it doesn't work that way, I think - essentially, on their site, you manually choose a download meant for your phone model.

It's probably built on gutted config / drivers from original ROM, and/or perhaps some bits from related devices, "cooked" manually for that particular supported device.

Individual phones are just a bit too different, I guess (mix of semi-random components without any - up to now, at least, maybe it'll change - need for auto-detection or universal initialisation methods?)

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